A wayfinding system and visual identity for a touristic circular path through the village of Bleckmar, one of the oldest settlements in Lower Saxonia, Germany. There are three different paths to discover around the village and 24 stations where informations are displayed with texts and images to learn about the villages’ history. The signposts are constructed from massive trunks of oak wood and parts of corten steel. Guiding elements like arrows are lasercut from the steel. At the info sites you can find printed plastic displays arranged on the steel. On top of that I designed the visual identity and a foldable flyer with a map and additional infos about Bleckmar. The logo consists of four key elements — an oak, the water mill, a little stream and timber framework. Due to the brick houses typical for the north, the only display colour is a deep warm tone of red.


I was responsible for art direction, logo development, conception & design of the way finding system.


This project was realized for and with Bureau Hardy Seiler.


Photography of wayfinding system by Annabell Sievert.