Design Slam Berlin



DesignSlam.Berlin is a self initiated project for (graphic) designers. It is an analogue fun competition with four competing designers. During three rounds they have to find solutions on topics within a set time frame. The competitors are only allowed to use a maximum of nine materials. The process is shown live via webcam to the audience and jury. After each round the applause is measured with a Clap-O-Meter and the jury’s vote to find a winner.


Jury Slam #1:
Martina Flor, Cedric Kiefer, Peter Zizka, Fabian Hemmert

Jury Slam #2:
Christine Lange & Patrick Marc Sommer


Team: Annabell Sievert, Anne Kammerzelt, Sandra Stäbler,
Jana Heidenreich, Tim Pulver, Kathrin Gemein